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Innovative Ways to Invest Money

Ask any financial advisor how to invest money and decrease risk and they will tell you to have a diversified portfolio. Diversify with options that not only boost ROI in terms of money but the overall benefit it can provide to greater good.

Peer to Peer Lending

There are number of reasons to consider this option. First the bank has been taken out of the equation. What does this mean to you? Higher return on your investment, the added greater good benefit — the borrower is able to get the money they need at a lower rate and with less fees.

How does this decrease your risk? Lower fees to the borrow increase the likelihood of repayment. Through an organization like Lending Circle you can invest in complete portfolios, this means that your investment isn’t going towards one loan but hundreds if not thousands. If one or two loans take nose dive, you aren’t out your investment because the other loans in the portfolio plus the interest rate you are getting make the “loss” non-existent.

Pay-Off Debt

Before you blow this one off, think about it like this You have a credit card or two that you are making your usual payments on with a 10% interest rate. If you take the money you are looking at investing and pay off those cards it is the equivalent to earning a 10% return on another investment.


For this one to pay-off, you have to know what you are doing. Many compare investing in collectibles to buying penny stocks. Sometimes they pay off, occasionally there is a substantial pay off but for the most part people tend to lose money.

The best approach to take if you are considering this type of investment. Invest your money in something you wouldn’t mind keeping. Also, keep in mind that collectibles become the investment to have at hand when the value of the dollar is weak.


What does this require? To invest in wine you need to have the right vintages, meaning you want the wines that are highly sought after.

Similar to investing in collectibles, where you need to know what you are working with, the same holds true for wine. You need to have a temperature controlled room to keep the wine in for two reasons; to preserve the quality of the wine and you will need to store a significant quantity.

Additionally records will need to be kept that show the type of wine, date of purchase, where it was bought, wine connoisseurs will require this information when you go to sell. Believe it or not, a 15% return annually can be expected with investing in wine.


In summary, when looking at how to invest money and net a solid return, having a diversified portfolio is key. Making sure that in there are innovative investing options in that portfolio will not only decrease overall risk but will increase your return.

Reasons You Should Hire the Credit People

The Credit People found in 2001 is a credit repair company. They help you repair and improve your credit reports, by offering you with expert credit repair services.

Credit people are not leaders, but they are simply the best in the business. With more than ten years of service, they have helped thousands of people with their credit reports.


THE TEAM: The Credit People will give you a hand-picked team of professionals, whose sole mission is to see your credit reports improve. The team consists of:

CREDIT REPAIR TEAM this are certified and trained professionals, about the different laws governing credit repair. They also undergo training on any recent law and statutes.

SCORE ANALYSIS TEAM: This team helps you understand your credit history and your debt to income ratio and your credit ratio. They address the negatives on your credit report.

SALES TEAM: The team that helps you sign will credit people and explain to you the credit repair process.

They also have other teams like Tech, Support and Executive.

LOWEST FEE IN THE INDUSTRY: According to, The Credit People have the lowest price compared to other service providers. You can read their review here:

They have a constant amount each month, and they concentrate on improving their teams so they can offer you excellent services.

FREE CREDIT REPORTS AND SCORES: The credit people get all the three credit reports when you sign up for them so that you can start immediately.

SCORE DRIVEN RESULTS: The Credit People apart from correcting credit issues, removing negatives and verifying your credit report, they help you raise your credit score through other avenues.

FREE TRIAL: They offer you with a seven-day free trial that helps you understand them and their services.

24 HRS ACCOUNT ACCESSES: Transparency governs them. They have created an online dashboard that helps you view the progress of your credits, any updates made. The dashboard is for you to connect with them at any time and ask questions.

GUARANTEED SATISFACTION: They ensure that you only pay for results. Therefore, if you are not happy for any reason; you can cancel and will not be charged for the month. They refund you for any month that you are not satisfied because your happiness is theirs too.


When you sign with credit people, they welcome you through a phone call and email. They offer you an online account for you to follow credit progress. They show your credit reports for all the three bureaus. You notice credit improvements within 60 days, and this continues. In the end, your credit report becomes better, and they give you a plan to maintain it that way.

The credit People will give you a life changing experience.